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2013SummerChung Changing Lives (CCL) is dedicated to improving the lives of children. CCL was established to support the personal and academic development of boys and girls through providing access to enrichment and educational programs ranging from swimming classes to musical instruction. The goal of CCL is to cultivate healthy lifestyles and active civic participation by ensuring that children have equal access to character-shaping experiences. Additionally, CCL seeks to improve the lives of young children by providing funding to other organizations which seek to enrich children’s lives. Drawing on the support of local residents, CCL will work hard to positively impact the lives of children in the coming months and years.

Patrick Chung and his wife, Cecelia, founded Chung Changing Lives. Chung is a 2x Superbowl Champion currently a Safety for the New England Patriots. Chung is an on-field leader for a football team known for its devotion to teamwork and integrity. Off-the-field, Chung is a husband and father, as well as a son deeply influenced by the rich musical culture of the country of his birth, Jamaica. Chung established CCL as a safety for the New England Patriots who selected him in 2009 as their second-round draft choice. 13namespatrick1While in New England, Patrick met his wife Cecelia and they share a love for children, community, music, dance and arts. Together, grateful for the opportunities they received in their own lives, Chung has become a tireless promoter of programs that open doors to Bay State children. Chung worked with community groups, as well as led and organized youth football programs in the Greater Boston area. Chung alongside Robert Kraft, Chairman and CEO of the Kraft Group, believed in the importance of volunteerism in the community and engaged in activities and programs to help children. Chung spent time judging a science fair that provided scholarships to students from the Roxbury Boys & Girls Club; promoted literacy and the arts through initiatives like Macy’s Reading-Is-Fundamental campaign; and was a spokesperson for Boston v. Bullies, a citywide educational institution that looks to eliminate bullying in schools. Through his work with the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation, his one-on-one contact with fans, and his participation through children community events like Read by the River, an annual carnival that promotes childhood literacy, Chung discovered and understood that it takes one life to change a life. Chung also understood that children need opportunities and guidance in order to succeed. With that in mind, Chung and his wife, Cecelia, established the Chung Changing Lives, Inc, a Massachusetts nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.

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Cecelia Chung
Chung Changing Lives, Inc.

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Chung Changing Lives, Inc.
National Football League Safety

Ronald Chung
Founder, Harbour View Football Club (Jamaica Soccer Team)