Patrick Chung, The Patriots’ Singing Safety

Patrick Chung l

Singing is in Patriots safety Patrick Chung’s genes. In the 1980s, his mother, seen in the video above, Sophia George-Chung, was a popular reggae singer and was managed by Chung’s father, Ronald.

So it should come as no surprise that on Sunday Nov. 4, a bye week for the Patriots, Chung will still be busy — just not playing football. Number 25 makes his singing debut as a soloist at Jordan Hall with the Boston Children’s Chorus. Chung’s coach for this gig is artistic director Anthony Trecek-King who has been preparing Chung for the “Old American Songs” concert.

And working with kids is not a new play for the football player. Earlier this year, Chung read “Corduroy” to kids at the Tufts Gantcher Center as part of the Read by the River event sponsored by Tufts Hillel.

We can also add “Goofball” to Chung’s creds because that’s how Chung described himself in a Globe Magazine interview: “People tell me I have a split personality. I’M A TOTAL GOOFBALL. My mom and dad raised me to always be nice, stay humble, and keep working. So I’m a very competitive, intense goofball. I used to do pranks in college. I’d fill a trash can with water, lean it on my friends’ doors, knock on the door, and run away. Funny stuff between friends.”