NFL star Patrick Chung donates $25,000 to Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center for summer music program

Patrick Chung presented a $25,000 check on behalf of his nonprofit organization, Chung Changing Lives, on June 10 at the Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center. Chung Changing Lives will be collaborating with BCNC to start the “Summer Music Academy for Real Teens” program in July 2013.

Chung founded Chung Changing Lives Foundation to give children in need the opportunities they normally wouldn’t have. Chung’s love for music was inspired by his parents, who were professionals in the music industry. His mother was a successful reggae singer and his father was her producer.

Chung said, “I believe all young people should have the opportunity to experiment and learn about themselves, to be guided by mentors and to build lasting friendships through a bonding experience brought about by music.”

SMART is a three-week music education program for youth ages 13 to 18. These youths will learn and work with professional musicians to build skills such as music theory, songwriting, music synthesis and more.

“We are excited to bring renowned musicians and athletes to this program to interact with young people, and remind us all that the people we see on TV once walked the same neighborhoods and buildings that they walk, and they come to their level of success by working hard and being committed to what they do,” said Cecelia Chung, executive director of Chung Changing Lives.

The SMART program starts July 8 and ends July 26. The program runs Mondays to Fridays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at BCNC, 38 Ash Street, Boston, MA 02111. Financial assistance is available upon request. Program and financial aid applications are open and can be found at or call (617) 635-5129 x 1025.