Cecelia Chung: The philanthropy powerhouse puts family first.

Cecelia Chung
The philanthropy powerhouse puts family first.
Boston Common

Cecelia Chung, 27, is the beautiful wife of New England Patriots safety Patrick Chung and a crusader for at-risk inner-city Boston youth. Through their foundation, Chung Changing Lives, the power couple are committed to enriching the lives of children by providing both athletic and educational after-school programs.

Trademark look: My signature MAC red lip.
Boston influences my style because: It allows me to be an individual. Everyone has his or her own expressive vibe in Boston.

Philosophy on age: Growing up, I was always looking toward the next big milestone. When I was 16, I wanted to be 18, and at 18 I couldn’t wait until I was 21. I was never celebrating the present moment and appreciating my current age. Now I’m just learning to take my time and enjoy the age that I am and every moment that is happening in my life.
What makes a woman beautiful: Her heart. Outward beauty fades eventually, unless you’re Halle Berry.

Most valuable quality in a woman: Poise.

Most reread book: I Declare: 31 Promises to Speak Over Your Life by Joel Osteen.

My motto: Live the life you love, love the life you live.

Secret to my success: My close-knit family has provided a strong foundation for me to explore my interests. My husband has been my biggest supporter.

When no one is looking: I pray.

No one would ever guess that: I was in a girls’ pop music group when I was 16.

Cause closest to my heart: Aside from my own charity, I’m an active member of the Patriots Women’s Association, and I love making visits to Boston Children’s Hospital. It shows the children that people care about them and their illnesses. It sends the message that we’re all a team.